Andi Snee – Softball Pitching & Hitting

Andi Snee – Softball Pitching & Hitting

Playing:- Jackson High School Graduate​4 year Varsity​​- D1 Scholarship to Pensacola State College , Pensacola, Florida- All League Pitcher Panhandle Conference- Pitched no hitter against Auburn University (SEC).- Averaged 8 strikeouts per game- 1.25 ERA- 3rd in League in Strikeouts- Offered full athletic scholarship to D1 Charleston Southern (South Carolina)

Coaching:- Conducted Pitching Clinics for Jackson Girls Softball League- Coached Green Baseball/Softball Federation- Coached Northwest High School Winter League – Conducted Pitching Clinic for Northwest Softball League- Coached Northwest Baseball/Softball Junior League


Instructor:- Private Lessons for Pitching and/or Batting- Ages 8 to High School

Coaching Philosophy:

Do your best, forget the rest.

To be good, you have to put in the work.

There’s a big difference between a thrower and a pitcher. 

A batter relies on timing.  A pitcher’s job is to disrupt that timing.

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