ABC Philosophy

The swing starts at point A. A to B is short – B to C is long. Do not roll your wrist in the hitting zone.

Point A

Body position AFTER load

Where the swing starts

Hands are back and cocked

Point B

Bat enters the hitting area

Lead arm is extended

Body has shifted to the point C position

Point C

Closed front foot

Firm front leg

Straight line from the knee to hip to head

Hands finish away from head

Definition of Terms

  • Point A – Our body position AFTER we load. This is where the swing starts. 50/50 weight distribution, hands are back and cocked.
  • Point B – When the bat enters the hitting area. Lead arm is extended, top arm is in tight and body has shifted to the POINT C position.
  • Point C – Closed front foot, firm front leg, straight line from the knee to hip to head, back foot pivoted and hands finish away from the head.
  • Load – Purpose is for power. It helps us create a relationship between our hands and feet which help me stay back. My hands and feet must move in the opposite direction at the same time. This is where we increase rhythm and timing.

Drills to Help with Mechanics

If you can’t feel what is happening in your mechanics you will never understand how to correct it.

Off Balance Drill – View Video

  • TEACHES how to load correctly – first thing controlled in a swing
  • Feet start together
  • Hands are in a neutral position rested on shoulder with elbows down
  • This simulates the action in the load which creates a relationship between the hitters hands and feet

Point A Drill – View Video

  • TEACHES how to hit without timing
  • Start of the swing drill which teaches to hit without a load or momentum
  • This can be used in a game when there is a 2 strike count and the hitter is having difficulty timing the pitcher
  • Sacrifices power for contact and allows the ball to be seen longer

Stop the Bat Drill – View Video

  • TEACHES how to get from A position to B position
  • Helps hitter to feel power at Point B
  • This drill teaches how to be inside and behind the ball at Point B

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